The 3 Types of Visitors – And How To Sell To Each of Them [OMP 025]

The 3 Types of Visitors – And How To Sell To Each of Them [OMP 025]

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Are your offers NOT converting well? You might be “pitching” to the wrong type of visitors. In this episode, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to sell to the 3 major visitor types so you increase your sales, grow your list and engage raving fans.


In The Offline Ignition Minute, I wrap-up my series on How to Build a Positive Self-Image. This week, we’ll discuss the smile, possibly the most powerful non-verbal cue you can use to create long-lasting business relationships.


Here are some topics discussed in this episode:


  • The FIRST Thing You Need to Do When a New Visitor Lands On Your Website
  • The Biggest MISTAKE Many Marketers Make When Trying To Sell
  • 6 Content Types To Show Your Fresh Visitors – And Why
  • What Segment of Your Visitors Will Become The 80/20 of Your Profits
  • A Powerful Little SCRIPT You Should Use on EVERY Visitors




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